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Visiting Heaven


My friends step daughter was dying of a brain tumor; today she called me to ask if I could remotely check in on her. The family had been told her time on earth was short. To keep thing simple I will call her Ashley.  As soon as I connected with Ashley’s ene Continue reading “Visiting Heaven”


Jamaica Search


I love Jamaica, I love the fact that I don’t ever need to wear a jacket, and it’s always warm day and night. Friends know me as the person that is always cold, so this is quiet a big deal not to need a layers and long sleeves. I find the music mellow and soothing; I find it a very relaxing place to go. The people in the tourist market places can come across as pushy and intense if you’re not use to such as thing. If you smile Continue reading “Jamaica Search”

Group Intensive Soul Connections


This fall I held my first group Soul Connection event. In the past I have only offered personal one to one sessions. I decided it was time to share Soul Connections in a group setting. Continue reading “Group Intensive Soul Connections”

Church in Jamaica


I had always wanted to visit a church in Jamaica. I imagined it as a place full of joy and spirit.

Recently my friend and I had an opportunity to attend a service there, I was not disappointed. Continue reading “Church in Jamaica”

Angels to the rescue

Mookie, my dog and I go out for a walk every day. We love to get out and breathe the fresh air and exercise together. I love animals and have had a dog my whole life. Recently I have started speaking to Mookie telepathically, especially if I am away formookies owie long periods of time. Mostly we tell each other how much we love each other and I let her know when I am on my way home. She is my fur baby.
Continue reading “Angels to the rescue”

Thank you 2015


Another year has come and gone, I suggest you take the time to write down what you are grateful for receiving in this past year. Abundance thrives in the field of gratitude.
I am grateful for the support of my family, friends and clients. This support allows me to continue to teach Yoga and offer Soul Connections sessions. I feel that offering these modalities is my mission in this lifetime.
Continue reading “Thank you 2015”

Help for the relationships in your life.

huggingWe generally are on our best behavior when we first meet people. We don’t expect too much from them, we allow them to be themselves.
Continue reading “Help for the relationships in your life.”

Love is Infinite

infinite loveRecently a client and I decided to connect with her mother who had recently crossed over. I was telling the client that when spirits are trying to get my attention, I feel a soft touch or brush across my skin.
I connected in and described her mom to Continue reading “Love is Infinite”

Things that go bump in the night

casperA few years ago I was at a summer solstice event. A medium was talking about how the veil between our world and beyond is getting much thinner and how it is now easier to communicate with those who have crossed over.
Continue reading “Things that go bump in the night”

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